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Metals for Automobiles

●Clad metals for batteries


Besides high conductivity, these clad metals can be used for resistance welding and various other types of welding, and are useful for increasing the battery performance (higher volume and smaller size) and improving productivity as well.

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【Usage example 1】

[Internal lead for batteries]
Nickel-Clad Copper and Copper-Clad, Aluminum for batteries (Ni/Cu, Ni/Cu/Ni, Cu/Aℓ)

These materials have lower electrical resistance than pure nickel, coupled with excellent heat dispersion properties and processability. Due to these characteristics, the materials enable production of various types of larger output and higher capacity batteries.

Clad metals for batteries image

【Usage example 2】

[External terminal for batteries]
Aluminum clad nickel for batteries (Aℓ /Ni)

These materials have good conductivity and processability. They can be directly welded to lithium-ion battery aluminum casings and terminals.

Clad metals for batteries image