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Processing technology


Brazing image

We can braze or solder from low to high melting points materials, such as Au-Sn alloy, silver brazing, and solder, into the required shapes. Our brazing technology of hermetic sealing materials used for ceramic packages contributes to the further downsizing of electronic components.


  • ・SAW Filters
  • ・Crystal Oscillators
  • ・Sensors
  • ・Ceramic PGA

Seam welding

Ni-plated Fe-Ni-Co alloy (KV) lid is welded to the seal ring mounted on the ceramic package by electronic resistance roller (seam welding).
(There are two types of Ni plating: electrolytic plating and electroless plating.)

Direct seam welding

Direct seam welding image

The lids are directly welded on the ceramic package whose top side is metalized without a seal ring. The absence of a seal ring makes it possible to realize a thinner package.
The lid for direct seam is processed of four-layer clad material composed of Ni/Kv/Cu or Ni /brazing.
In direct seam welding, brazing material is melted and used for sealing. The selection of brazing is therefore important. We provide various brazing material.


Brazing image

A solder material attached to the lid is melted in a heat treatment furnace to process sealing. This is advantageous to smaller electronic components. There are two types of lids, one in which the cavity (the space of elements) is created on the package side, and the other in which the cavity is created on lids. We can offer both types.


  • ・ASKNA-H
  • ・ASKNA-P