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Processing technology


We can meet the customer requirements in an integrated manufacturing system, covering from the selection of materials through to press working.

Punching means continuous press in the metal sheet vertically or drawing for processing three-dimensional shapes, either is an essential technology for manufacturing electronic parts. We manufacture tiny parts of a minimum of 1 square millimeter by punching and drawing materials and offer them as diverse parts for electronic components, such as lids and seal rings for surface mount device (SMD) type of ceramic packages. We offer tiny parts in various profiles by applying mold designs based on our advanced knowledge of materials and high level of pressing technologies.


Lids (for protection of chips contained in the ceramic packages for MPU, SAW filters, crystal oscillators, etc.)
Seal rings (for welding of lids to ceramic packages)

Seal rings (for welding of lids to ceramic packages)

Bimetals, PC rings

Bimetals, PC rings


  • KV-2 (Iron-Nickel-Cobalt Alloys)
  • NKN-B72 (Fe-Ni-Co alloys + Ag-Cu Clad Metal)
  • NKVN-HC (Fe-Ni-Co alloys + Ag-Sn-Pb Clad Metal) etc.

* KV-alloy is mainly used for these parts to ensure reliable sealing as it has a thermal expansion coefficient very close to that of ceramics. Additional materials include nickel-plated/-cladded KV-alloy, silver solder-/solder-cladded KV-alloy on one side only, or gold-tin-brazed KV-alloy.