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Materials Technologies

●Extremely thin metallic foils (High-precision rolled foils)

Extremely thin metallic foils (High-precision rolled foils)
Manufacturing processes for extremely thin metallic foils (High-precision rolled foils)
By repeatedly applying cold rolling and heat treatment to our materials, we can meet your requirements for material properties and dimensions. We also accept orders of commissioned rolling operation. So, please contact us when you need to roll your hoop materials into extremely thin metallic foils. Moreover, we can add additional properties appropriate for the application in question by plating (hoop plating, etc.) the surface of the material.

Production line developed to ensure high-quality clad metals image

*Certain products may have some manufacturing processes outsourced.


Providing thinner, flatter and more precise metal foils to customers.

High-precision thickness (Ensuring to increase the precision of the amplitude thickness twice as compared with conventional way)

Improvement of flatness (Pursuing higher flatness)

High-precision thickness

Measurement result by three-dimensional shape measurement instrument

Various surface finish is available by rolling.

Improvement of flatness (Pursuing higher flatness)

Appearance Glossiness
Surface roughness
sample A Bright 730 0.30
sample B Slightly bright 450 0.50
sample C Dull 230 0.65
sample D Dull (TW) 90 1.10

○ We will offer less warpage materials after etching processing.

We will offer less warpage materials after etching processing

We will offer materials of small residual stress.

We can roll various ultrathin foils such as stainless steels, nickel steels and copper alloys upto 2-5um thickness.

Narrow stainless steel foils (4mm width)

Linewidth stainless steel foils (width 4mm)

Wide stainless steel foils (600mm width)

Wide stainless steel foils (width 600mm)

List of foil products

Materials Material Code Composition
Austenitic stainless steels SUS301 17Cr-7Ni-Fe
SUS304 18Cr-8Ni-Fe
SUS304L 18Cr-8Ni-Fe C≦0.03
SUS316 18Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo-Fe
SUS316L 18Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo-Fe C≦0.03
Ferritic stainless steels SUS430 18Cr-Fe
stainless steels
SUS631 17Cr-7Ni-1Al-Fe
ASL350 16.5Cr-4.5Ni-2.8Mo-Fe
Oxygen-free copper C1020 Cu≧99.96
Tough-pitch copper C1100 Cu≧99.9
copper strip
C1220 0.03P-Cu
Brass strip C2680 35Zn-Cu
Phosphor bronze strip C5191 6Sn-0.2P-Cu
C5212 8Sn-0.2P-Cu
Beryllium copper strip C1720 1.9Be-Cu
Phosphor bronze strip for springs C5210 8Sn-0.2P-Cu
Nichrome strip type 1 NCHR1 20Cr-Ni
Titanium strip type 1 TR270C Ti
Titanium strip type 2 TR340C Ti
Pure nickel strip Ni Ni

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We consider the possibility of producing materials other than listed above if needed.