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Processing technology

●Metal Ball Manufacturing Process

Conductive Ni-P fine particles used for Anisotropic Conductive Films (ACF) are required to be completely spherical particles with a uniform size. We have technologies for manufacturing Ni-P fine particles in diameters ranging from 1μm to 20μm. We can also plate the surfaces of Ni-P fine particles according to the applications.


Anisotropic Conductive Films (ACF)

SEM image of Cu cored solder balls

Au coated Ni-P particles

Highly conductive, uniform particles

Currently, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet terminals are evolving towards higher resolutions, multifunctional, and lower profiles. In response to these trends, packaging technologies for those devices have also been evolving towards higher performance and higher density. Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF), which is pasted with insulation adhesive dispersed equally with conductive particles, is essential for packaging substrates and driver ICs. The use of highly conductive particles of uniform size is essential for achieving higher performance and better densification.

We manufacture these highly conductive fine particles of uniform size by wet reduction method, which was developed jointly by Group Company and Akita Prefectural Resources Technology Development Organization. It is a potential technology that enables the higher performance and higher density required for next-generation electronic components.

  • ・High sphericity. Monodispersed.
  • ・Fine Particles. Diameter: 1-20μm
  • ・Realizing high conductivity by ultra-thin Au plating


  • ・Ni-P