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Surface Treatment Technologies

●Plating (Electrolytic and Electroless plating)

Plating (electrolytic and electroless plating) image

We are able to respond to a wide variety of needs with our plating technologies, such as Au plating for contact materials and contacts, environmentally-friendly lead-free solder plating, and electroless plating for metals.

We have also established an Au plating technology to plate large quantities of fine Ni-P particles having large specific surface area, which has been deemed difficult. We therefore offer technologies that are essential to improve the performance and density/integration of electronic components.


  • ・Lead pins for MPU
  • ・Lead pins for electronic components
  • ・Hermetic sealant for packaging
  • ・Power electronics modules
  • ・Mounting materials for electronic components


Base metals Kinds of plating materials / thickness
Materials Shapes Size
  • ・Pure Ni
  • ・Fe-Ni-Co alloy, Fe-Ni alloys
  • ・Cu, and Cu alloys
  • ・Stainless Steels
  • ・Al and Al alloys
Plate Under 0.05〜5tx30
(Barrel plating)
  • ・Electrolytic Ni plating
  • ・Electrolytic Au plating
  • ・Electroless Au plating
  • ・Electroless Ni plating
  • ・Lead-free solder plating
Pin Φ0.3〜0.5
Length : 20mm max

Example of mass production

Please note that the products listed above are our typical products only. We supply customized products in many materials, shapes, sizes, and handle various plating processes. Please inquire us for more information.